Bikepacking continued: into the Pyrenees vol. 2

This is the third and final part of our bikepacking delights trip from September 2022; part one, part two. The next morning saw us up a little later than expected, rising from our cosy warm bed to a delightful porridge. Ever accommodating, Mireille let us use the hose to clean our filthy bikes that weContinue reading “Bikepacking continued: into the Pyrenees vol. 2”

Bikepacking continued: into the Pyrenees vol. 1

The view out of our window this morning was one of damp and dreariness. Heavy wetness saturated the air, and indeed the forecast had not been wrong. We ate our porridge clinging to faint hopes that it wouldn’t be as bad as it looked.. It never is, right ?!  Or, as Sean Kelly would have putContinue reading “Bikepacking continued: into the Pyrenees vol. 1”

Gravel Gran Canaria: Locura

Next up in gravel Gran Canaria, this time Constantin off on a solo exploit, into the heat and blossoming unseasonal green October we had in 2022. The plan was ambitious, totalling more than 6500m climbing, and taking in- amongst other exploration- the best gravel road on Gran Canaria: Tirma. More on that later.. !  I got to shareContinue reading “Gravel Gran Canaria: Locura”

Epic Gran Canaria 2022

The Epic Gran Canaria has wrapped up for another year.. ! It was a very brief break since the previous edition, the 2021 race running in October after a covid-related postponement from it’s usual early season date.   The event format remained exactly the same as that most recent edition, however this time I wouldn’t be taking toContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria 2022”

Gravel Gran Canaria: The ‘GraVotT’

There is a road on this island that strikes fear into the heart of most any cyclist who has faced the beast, and is shrouded in an aura of reverence and apprehension for all those who have yet to answer the call.   The  Valley of the Tears. The ‘VOTT’. El Valle de los Lagrimas. DasContinue reading “Gravel Gran Canaria: The ‘GraVotT’”

Epic Gran Canaria Stage 2

Stage 2 started with the same sunrise ride to the start as yesterday, but this  time with Flo and Ewa for company; today my favourite support would be out on the road ❤️❤️❤️  Soaking up the atmosphere at the start among friends new and old makes these events worth returning to every time, however, on this day there really isn’tContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria Stage 2”

Epic Gran Canaria Stage 1

Over the weekend the Epic Gran Canaria was run off again, in scorching conditions under the Canarian October heat. Constantin has taken part in every event since its inception in 2018, and every year the event has gone from strength to strength, with small changes in the format each year.   There have been night time criteriums, differentContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria Stage 1”

Mayo XTRM 200, part 2

And so I made the front a group of 5; Lloyd from South Africa, Chris from Texas, Paul- who I had never met but had sold me my bike frame, and Dave who I had met many many moons ago doing a Mizen to Malin non-stop event, when Padraig Marrey had taken a group of very limited experience (one cyclistContinue reading “Mayo XTRM 200, part 2”

Mayo XTRM 200, part 1

The Mayo XTRM 200, is a 200km gravel/ road audax event, running for the past five years or so, organised by Seamus O’Dowd and Edward Nealon. It includes 16 gravel sectors totalling 79.4km, the longest being a 17km section through Letterkeen, and comprising a mix of overgrown dirt paths, rocky slabs, forest trails, roots, singletrack, mud slides and every kind ofContinue reading “Mayo XTRM 200, part 1”