Epic Gran Canaria 2022

The Epic Gran Canaria has wrapped up for another year.. ! It was a very brief break since the previous edition, the 2021 race running in October after a covid-related postponement from it’s usual early season date.   The event format remained exactly the same as that most recent edition, however this time I wouldn’t be taking toContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria 2022”

Epic Gran Canaria Stage 2

Stage 2 started with the same sunrise ride to the start as yesterday, but this  time with Flo and Ewa for company; today my favourite support would be out on the road ❤️❤️❤️  Soaking up the atmosphere at the start among friends new and old makes these events worth returning to every time, however, on this day there really isn’tContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria Stage 2”

Epic Gran Canaria Stage 1

Over the weekend the Epic Gran Canaria was run off again, in scorching conditions under the Canarian October heat. Constantin has taken part in every event since its inception in 2018, and every year the event has gone from strength to strength, with small changes in the format each year.   There have been night time criteriums, differentContinue reading “Epic Gran Canaria Stage 1”